Project Date
写真:Nacasa & Partners
   UENOA architects



Project Name:Underground Restaurant DAGAYA
Architect or Architecture Firm:UENOA architects / Yoshinori Hasegawa+Fumie Horikoshi
Completion Year:2021
Built Area:78 m²
Project Location:Tokyo,Japan
Photographer:Nacasa & Partners / UENOA
Produce: Koichi Matsuda (Matsuda Construction Industry)
Construction: Matsuda Construction Industry + Shouwakai
Metalworking (Signboard + Lighting Product): Kensaku Aihara (Tokyo University of the Arts)

We planned to renovate the basement of a construction company with 80 years of history in Sendagaya to create a company cafeteria space open to the community. When not in use as a cafeteria, the space is used for company meetings and community events. It was required to be a base for various people to collaborate. We planned a large triangular table that corresponds to the angle of the existing frame. By dividing the table into smaller triangles, we were able to randomly arrange the seats. One of the characteristics of the triangular table is that the people seated face to face or on the wall are displaced from the front, which creates a variety of eye contact and creates a relaxed impression. By going beyond its function as a piece of furniture and incorporating its size and randomness into the space The idea was to create an impression of the entire space. The way the furniture is used in a non-uniform way itself is expressed as a landscape with fun and movement. The goal was to create a place that would be familiar to employees and residents.