Project Date
写真:Naomichi Sode(建物),UENOA(模型)
ロゴデザイン:atrium / 豊田修平


台東区蔵前にある印刷会社の1階を改装してテイクアウト専門のソフトクリーム屋を計画しました。 既存建物の窓の1つがお店の外観になるような小さな計画です。既存外壁のタイルに店名の「Triangle」をイメージした小さな三角形のアルミ板を貼ることで、電柱にかかった旗のように見えるアイデアを考えました。また見方によっては小さな窓の上部に灯る照明の光のようにも見える計画です。 外壁面をわずかにセットバックさせることで、庇を作らず雨除けを作りながら延焼ラインを避けています。 店内は限られた面積をのため、壁厚を有効利用して間柱を意匠に見せるアイデアとしています。間柱の片面に取り付けられた構造用合板を銀色で塗ることで、天気や時間によって変わる街の姿とささやかに呼応する壁面としました。小さな店舗ではありますが、通りにあかりを灯すような存在になってほしいと考えています。


Project Name:Triangle
Architect or Architecture Firm:UENOA architects / Yoshinori Hasegawa+Fumie Horikoshi
Completion Year:2022
Built Area:7.4 m²
Project Location:Tokyo,Japan
Photographer:Naomichi Sode(architecture),UENOA(model)
Logo design:artium / Shuhei Toyoda

A soft serve ice cream shop specializing in take-out was planned by renovating the first floor of a printing company in Kuramae, Taito-ku. The plan was small enough that one of the windows of the existing building would become the exterior of the store. The first thing that caught our attention was a utility pole right in front of the window. In the process of considering the application of small aluminum mirrored triangles on some of the existing exterior tiles, which were inspired by the store's name "Triangle," we found a way to make the poles look like triangular flags hanging from the poles, which made us think positively of these poles. It was also interesting to see that, depending on how you look at it, it looks like a streak of light above a small window, which led to this design. In order to use wooden windows without eaves, the exterior wall is set back slightly to avoid rain and fire spread lines. Inside the store, we wanted to use even the thickness of the walls as a space for storing things, and we considered a line of repetitions that would look beautiful while still showing the pillars between them. We considered a beautiful repetition of the wall. Also, by painting the structural plywood attached to one side of the columns in silver so that the grain of the wood would stand out, we came up with an inexpensive yet elegant idea that would respond modestly to the light from the city, which changes with the weather and time of day. Although it is a small store, we hope it will become a light on the street.