Restaurant in Ogawa

Project Date
写真:Naomichi Sode(建物),UENOA(模型)

プロジェクトの始まりと時を同じくして商店街の歩道にかかるアーケードの段階的撤去が決まりました。 アーケードは建物の1層分と同じ高さに設けられており、商店街に並ぶ2層の建物はアーケードにより上下2つに分断された街並みとなっていましたが、撤去によってそれぞれの建物は初めてその高さを現しました。 このことを計画のきっかけにできないかと考え、これまで体験することが難しかった2層分の高さをもつ外部空間としてエントランスを設けることにしました。 外側から2層の余白を差し込んだようなかたちで設けられたエントランス空間は、印象的な建物の顔をつくると同時に、アーケードに代わり雨除けとして機能し、また既存建物の構造補強としての役割も担っています。 差し込まれたエントランス空間によって内部空間は緩やかに仕切られ、レストランの客席に見え隠れする居心地の良さをつくることを考えました。 


Project Name:Restaurant in Ogawa
Architect or Architecture Firm:UENOA architects / Yoshinori Hasegawa+Fumie Horikoshi
Completion Year:2021
Built Area:42 m²
Structure : Wood
Project Location:Saitama Prefecture,Japan
Photographer:Naomichi Sode(architecture),UENOA(model)

【Creating a new face for the shopping district 】
This project involves the renovation of an 80-year-old store and resCreating a new face for the shopping district. This project involves the renovation of an 80 year old house with a store in a corner of a shopping street in Ogawa-machi, Saitama Prefecture. The client's grandmother used to run a beauty salon here, and the client, who used to run an Italian restaurant in Tokyo, wanted to move there and open a restaurant. At the same time as the project began, it was decided to phase out the arcade over the sidewalk in the shopping arcade. The arcade was built at the same height as one level of the building, and the two-story buildings lining the shopping street were divided into two halves by the arcade, but the removal of the arcade revealed the height of each building for the first time. We wondered if we could use this as a trigger for our planning, and decided to create an entrance as an external space with the height of two stories, which had been difficult to experience before. The entrance space, which was created by inserting two layers of blank space from the outside, creates an impressive face of the building and at the same time functions as a rain shelter instead of an arcade, and also serves as a structural reinforcement for the existing building. The interior space is gently divided by the inserted entrance space, creating a cozy atmosphere that is visible and hidden from the restaurant's seating area.